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RU Recovery Program
RU Recovery Program 
The Baptist Tabernacle
10119 Access Rd.
Covington, GA.  30014
Have you struggled to keep those same resolutions you made last year? Those stubborn habits and addictions that seem to take a stronghold in your life just can’t seem to be overcome? The Baptist Tabernacle is excited to provide a ministry to help those who have been hurt, those who struggle, and for those who want to help a loved one who struggles with addictions.
RU Recovery Program  is a Christ-centered addictions program that directs those struggling with life-dominating addictions back to God’s support group – the local church. RU Recovery Program is one of the fastest growing faith-based organizations in the country with over 900 chapters nationwide and around the world. The mission of RU Recovery Program is to recover and restore to health, those held captive to such devices that cripple the effectiveness of spiritual abundance, moral sufficiency and social acceptability (stubborn habits and addictions). We invite you to join us this week and find how the Truth can make you free!
RU Recovery Program line at
Please call for information and times
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