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Bible reading plan 2021
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our facebook page youtubeinstagram
For over fifty six years, The Baptist Tabernacle has supported missionaries and their families all over the world through our Faith Promise World Missions giving. We support missionaries in every time zone throughout the world. We believe missions, along with prayer, is the heartbeat of any great church.

    Nathan and Marllorys Arce-Venezuela

Bruce and Lynn Berry-Brazil

Roger and Kay Blevins-ARM Ministry

Alan and Jamie Bradley-New York

Raymond and Anita Bradley-Ecuador 

Bobby Brindle-Evangelist

Johnathan and Amy Brown-Ron Middleton Missions Outreach 

Janet Burchell-ARM Ministry

John and Judy Burnette-Prision Ministry

Akin and Snowy Devkota-Undisclosed Location Asia

Matthew and Savannah Gardner- Uganda 

Gage and Aleah Gilbert-Greenand 

JB and Linda Godfrey-BIMI

Cathy Gunter-Bolivia Retired

John Hamblin-Evangelist

Bruce and Vicki Kelly-Deaf Ministry USA

Tom and Dottie Lancaster-Military Ministry

Luke and Jessica Marie-Bolivia

Lorna Mitchell-South Africia

Timothy and Gera Owen-Philippines 

Keith Penny-Honduras

Walt and Kathy Pickens-R U Recovery 

Prision Ministry 

Jason and Dana Rongione-Wales

Nate and Christine Saint-Chile

Keith and Rebecca Shumaker-West Africa 

Robert and Mary Southard-Furlough Replacement

Clint and Miranda Tackett-CLAIM Ministry

Raymond and Melanie Zacal-Ushuaia, Argentina

Baptist International Missions, Inc.-Home Office

Macedonia World Baptist Missions-Home Office

RU Recovery Program

Source of Light International Literature and Printing Ministry


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