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Sunday School Department

We offer exciting, relevant Sunday School classes that are organized to meet your personal needs. We have classes for men, ladies, couples, singles, teens and children. Everybody needs a Sunday School class! You will gain friends that will prove invaluable and that will be there to pray for you and help you through life’s struggles. For our first-time guests, the room numbers are listed under each class, but don’t worry about trying to find your room! Just ask anyone and they will gladly show you to your class!

Auditorium Bible Class
This class meets in our main auditorium and is for anyone and everyone! You will gain invaluable insight into God's Word that will help you in your day-to-day walk with the Lord.
Men's Bible Class
Men of all ages and all backgrounds meet in room 102 for this class that focuses on studying one book of the Bible at a time.
Men's Roundtable Class
All men are welcome to join this Bible study class in room 207. You are sure to learn many truths about the Bible and are encouraged to get involved in the class discussions.
Women of Praise
This class meets in room 101 and is for ladies of all ages. It is an in-depth Bible study that includes fellowship and ministry opportunities throughout the year.
Handmaidens of the Lord
Ladies of all ages are welcome in this class. Our desire is to be handmaidens, or personal servants, of our Lord Jesus Christ. Join us in room 110.